Catholicism for Dummies – Fr. John Trigilio


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Maybe you have heard about it from friends or seen it in the bookstore. Maybe you have wondered: “Can a book with this title possibly be good for the Church?” Catholicism For Dummies presents a rich tapestry and history of the Catholic faith—from devotions to doctrines.

This intelligent and faithful look at Catholicism will open your eyes to this religion and answer many of the questions you may have about it. Catholics and non-Catholics alike can all learn something new from Catholicism for Dummies!

This reference book covers it all. It contains a wealth of valuable information, including: the Sacraments, celebrating the Catholic Mass, the liturgical year, Divine Law and Moral Law, the Seven Deadly Sins, Celibacy and the Male Priesthood, cultural and social issues, prayer life, the Ten Commandments, the Pope and Church hierarchy, symbols and gestures of Catholic worship, affection for Mary, the Saints/Canonization, Catholic Traditions, Ten Famous Catholics, Ten Popular Catholic Saints, Ten Popular Catholic Places, Solemnities/Feasts/Memorials for the year, and a list of all the Popes.

The material is presented in the very popular, easy-to-read “Dummies” style, including a “Cheat Sheet” with the Twelve Articles of Catholic Faith and common Catholic prayers. Catholicism For Dummies is not a catechism or religious textbook, but a casual, down-to-earth introduction for Catholics and non-Catholics. It gives common-sense explanations of Catholic weddings, Baptisms, funerals, Confirmations, and First Communions. You’ll also discover other important topics that can help you better understand the Catholic culture—from morality and devotions to worship and liturgy.

There are more than one billion Catholics in the world, and each one shares a foundational set of basic beliefs and practices that he or she follows. Some of the teachings of Catholicism are thousands of years old, while others are more recent.

So what is the Catholic culture like and what do they believe? Catholicism For Dummies answers these and many other questions.

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