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Rev. Richard Ho Lung
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Father Richard Ho Lung, a poet, teacher, mystic, musician, is the founder of the Missionaries of the Poor, one of the fastest-growing religious orders in the world.

As a young man Fr. Ho Lung was known as “the reggae priest.” His hit single rocketed to the top of the Jamaican charts. His live musical performances won rave reviews. He and his band—Father Ho Lung and Friends—toured the world.

Yet in the midst of these successes, Fr. Ho Lung felt a call to something more. In 1980, he left the academy and music halls to embrace a new life of radical poverty—and to give himself unconditionally to the destitute and downtrodden as the founder of the Missionaries of the Poor (MOP).

In Candles in the Dark, Joseph Pearce takes us from Ho Lung’s childhood in Jamaica, the son of impoverished Chinese immigrants, to his education and ordination as a Jesuit priest. He shows us the glamour of Fr. Ho Lung’s life as a celebrity musician, and the danger of missionary work in Kingston’s ghettos. He tells the story of one who has ascended the heights of worldly success, descended into the depths of suffering—and discovered a joy there that none can take away.

Fr. Ho Lung is a beloved friend of mine and an apostle of the poor.
Fr. Benedict Groeschel,

The Lord has fashioned in Fr. Ho Lung a compassionate heart. His life’s work reveals to us the love of Christ.
Peter Joseph Jugis, Bishop of Charlotte

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